CHEER Virtual Edition
Volume 15, Issue 1, 2002 Contents

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*   Editorial


*   A simulation approach to the Taylor-Romer model of macroeconomic stabilisation
     Ross Guest

*   Numerical optimal control in continuous time made easy
     Eric Naevdal

*   Publishing and using spreadsheets on the web
     Jocelyn Paine and Andrew Ramsden

*   Setting up an Economics website: a beginner's guide
     Martin L Poulter

*   Introducing BusEcon: Courseware for Business Economics developed by the WinEcon II project
     Chris Elven, Jean Soper and Simon Price

Reports and Short Notes

*   Software applications and web resources: a report on Computing sessions at the ASSA meetings, Atlanta 2002
     Jean Soper and Inna Pomorina

*   A step closer to Europe? The Euro studies Gateway on SOSIG
     Debra Hiom


*   Estimation of technical efficiency: a review of some of the stochastic frontier and DEA software
     InĂ©s Herrero and Sean Pascoe

*   TK Solver Release 4
     Ron Shone

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