New Lecturers Resources

Thanks for attending the recent New Lecturers Workshop, we hope you found it useful.

We thought it might be helpful to provide some of the resources from the day online, so that you and any of your colleagues can access them into the future. Click on the links to download the material.

Session 1:
- Activity: Speed date information exchange
- Activity: Action planning

Session 2:
- Presentation: Making your lectures more effective
 Activity: Lecture session plan
 Information: Ways of making your lectures more effective
 Information: Activities and breaks in lectures
 Activity: Barriers to active learning
 Information: Barriers to active learning

Session 3:

Session 4:
- Presentation: Classroom experiments
 Activity: Trading in a pit market
 Information: References for Deal or No Deal
 Activity: Production function game
 Activity: Public goods game
 Information: References for Keynesian beauty contest game

Session 5:
- Presentation: Assessment and feedback

Session 6:
- Presentation: E-enhanced student centred learning