Assessment and monitoring

Using current affairs essays to provide feedback and improve realism in teaching economics

Antonio Rodriguez Gil, Leeds University Business School

Leeds University Business School


Optional Projects for an Introductory Statistics Course

Nicholas Myers and Angus Phimister, University of Edinburgh

Nicholas Myers and Angus Phimister, University of Edinburgh and
Published July 2016

Peer-assessed videos as a substitute for in-class presentations

Damian Park, Santa Clara University, USA

Damian Park
Santa Clara University
Published December 2015

Adapted, with permission, from a post to the tch-econ mailing list.

Better Preparing Students for Assessment: Marking Criteria, Mock Assessments and Peer-Feedback

Chris Wilson, Loughborough University

Chris Wilson
School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University
Published July 2015


This case study evaluates a set of three complementary interventions to help students better prepare for assessments and improve their performance. In particular, it considers i) the provision of more explicit marking criteria, ii) the implementation of a mock assessment, and iii) the provision of opportunities for peer-feedback, on a third-year undergraduate economics module.

Assessment and Feedback

Jon Guest, Coventry University

Edited by Rebecca Taylor,
The Open University
Published January 2013

Writing and using computer-aided assessment (CAA) in mathematics for economics first years

Martin Greenhow, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University

Martin Greenhow, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University
Published May 2012

The New Science of Learning and Why Students Forget Their Economics So Quickly

Donald T. Wargo and Olga Vilceanu, Temple University, Philadelphia
Donald T. Wargo and Olga Vilceanu, Temple University
Published June 2011
(Adapted from a paper presented at the AEA National Conference on Teaching Economics, Stanford University, June 1-3, 2011. For a full copy of the paper, e-mail the author.)

The New Science of Learning

Wikis as a platform for student collaboration in Economics

Ken Clark, University of Manchester
Ken Clark
University of Manchester
Published January 2011