Lecture Slides in History of Economic Thought

Steve Keen, University of Western Sydney

Detailed lecture notes and slide shows, all in PowerPoint format, are collected here under three headings. Under "History of Economic Thought" are: Introduction/Antiquity, Antiquity to Physiocrats/Smith, Classical to Marx, Marx to Robbins, Robbins to Keynes, Keynes to Monetarism, Monetarism to the Cambridge Controversies, More on Marx, More on Keynes, Finance, Methodology, Debates: Nature of money and capital, and Debates: Economic Dynamics. Under "Political Economy" are: Demand (critique of neoclassical economics); Evolutionary theory in general; Early evolutionary economists (Veblen & Schumpeter); Complexity and Self-organisation; and Power laws and evolutionary modelling. Under "Financial Economics" are: Statistics on endogenous money; Debates in endogenous money: Basil Moore & Sheila Dow; The circuitist school; Fisher and Debt Deflation; Minsky & Modelling Debt Deflation; and Modelling Debt Deflation.

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Brad DeLong, University of California at Berkeley. Department of Economics

Part of Brad DeLong's blog, this section supports a 2009 version of a course on economic history as taught at the University of California at Berkeley. The material includes lecture slides and notes, mp3 audio files of lectures, exam papers, problem sets, plus links to background information available freely online. Information is accessible chronologically, by subject category and by type.

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