Online Text and Notes in Economic Growth

George Marios Angeletos, MIT

Detailed notes from eight lectures of an undergraduate course are downloadable separately as PDFs. The topics from this Spring 2013 course include Solow and the Neoclassical growth model, endogenous growth, and financial crises. All materials are available as PDF files, with links to the course website that provides accompanying materials.

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International Monetary Fund

This is a special issue of Finance and Development (March 2006), produced by the IMF, with non-technical papers on economic growth in a development context. Papers emphasise the plurality of definitions and theories of growth, but also address practical development strategy issues.

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Mary E Edwards, St. Cloud State University

This webpage supports a textbook on regional and urban economics authored by Mary Edwards of St. Cloud State University. The site features chapter by chapter PowerPoint lectures and related Internet links, as well as the syllabus of the course on the book as taught by the author in 2007. Two sample chapters and links to regional economic data are also available. Topics covered by the book include agglomeration economies, growth controls, smart growth, and zoning, core-periphery models and supply-based regional growth analysis.

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Thorvaldur Gylfason, University of Iceland

About 300 PowerPoint slides in six presentations have been made available to accompany Gylfason's Principles of Economic Growth textbook. They combine text, tables, figures and original portraits of growth theorists.

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Jonathan M Harris, Tufts University

Selected chapters from the second (2006) edition of 'Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: A Contemporary Approach (Houghton Mifflin), recommended by reviewers as one of the clearest integrations of standard environmental economics with new ecological economics. The first two (mainly introductory) chapters are available to download, and two more (Trade and the Environment and Economics of Climate Change) are available as teaching modules. Downloadable 'environmental policy updates' (on fuel prices, energy supplies, global warming and energy policy formulation) are also available. Those who have bought the book can access instructor resources and student support materials from this site, using the password provided.

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HM Treasury

Economic Growth and Government Policy seminar collates papers on economic growth, and its links to education and other aspects of government policy, presented to a HM Treasury seminar in October 2000 and downloadable as PDF files. Subjects include 'What does modern growth analysis say about government policy towards growth?' (Richard Freeman), 'Public policies and aggregate economic performance' (Tim Besley), 'Supply side policy and British relative economic decline' (Nick Crafts), 'The benefits of education' (Jon Temple). Papers are relatively short, avoid technical presentation, and summarise the state of the art of 'new' growth theory circa 2000.

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Charles I Jones, University of California, Berkeley

The categories in this collection of references for use in economic growth courses is as follows: basic references; internet resources; neoclassical growth models; empirical evidence: growth and levels; first generation/"AK" growth models; idea-based growth models; empirical evidence on models of long-run growth; learning by doing and human capital; why are we so rich and they so poor?; the direction of technical change; growth over the very long run; r&d, patents, and productivity; natural resources, the environment, and growth; and interesting and accessible readings.

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Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, MIT

Extensive notes on Acemoglu and Robinson's lectures on institutional political economy as applied to development, which form a proptotype for their recent book on 'Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy.' Makes extensive use of economic models, but text should also be of interest to economic historians, political economists and political scientists.

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