Lecture Slides in Industrial Economics

Richard Schmalensee, MIT

Video lectures, PDF lecture slides and some assessment questions from a 22-lecture course taught at MIT in 2012. The main sections of the course are ""Energy Systems and Policies: Overview", "The Climate Problem", "Household and Organization Decision-Making", "Primary Energy & Electric Power", and "Public Policies: Determinants & Processes".

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Confederation of British Industry

This is a collection of presentations given at various CBI (Confederation of British Industry) events made available via SlideShare. They have been authored by members of the CBI or invited speakers from HM Treasury, companies and other organisations. They cover topics such as public procurement, climate change, energy policy, pensions etc. In common with other resources available on SlideShare they are embeddable in other websites, some are downloadable and registered users can comment on the presentations.

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Kevin Hinde, University of Northumbria

The economics of competition: a global perspective, is part of Kevin Hinde's suite of economics resources. The lecture slide shows are from a course for Business Studies students which "explores the effects of competitive and anti-competitive behaviour in Europe". Lecture topics are: Introduction to Competition and Regulation, Case Study on Regulation: Protecting Consumers, Understanding Markets and Industries, The Welfare Effects of Market Structure, Oligopoly, Barriers to Entry, Cartels, Predatory Behaviour, and Privatisation and Regulation of Public Utilities. They are available in PDF and also as PowerPoint files.

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Xeni Dassiou, City University

Lecture notes on theory of the firm, growth of firms and industry concentration, barriers to entry, product differentiation, welfare effects of monopoly and other industrial topics. Some handwritten; most contain graphical presentation as well as algebra, some accompanied by slides. Linked to 10-week Industrial Economics course at City University, as taught in 2005.

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Ken Simons, Royal Holloway College

Industrial growth and competition: course notes and slides, includes 10 sets of bullet-point lecture notes, archived in PDF on this home page for a course run in 2001 and 2003. The course covers innovation, technology, competition, price differentiation, firm size and grwoth. There is also a lengthy course notes document including text, readings and a course description, running to more than 150 pages in PDF. The page also has links to online information sources useful for student projects.

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John Scouller, Strathclyde University

Scroll down this page for some PDF and Word files on specific topics in theory of the firm. There are also six PowerPoint presentations from four lectures. Material covered includes: The nature of firms, Costs, Mergers and Acquisitions, Policies, Scale and scope costs, Ansoff’s classification of firm strategies, The Marris model of firm growth, The relationship between costs and firm strategy, Market Power, Oligopoly and evidence on market power, Mergers and acquisitions, and Transaction costs.

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