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Book Catalogue Quality Control

  • Sometimes we have two books with the same title and author, because one is hardback and one is paperback, or one is an old edition and the other is current. Delete the hardbacks or older version as necessary, but compare the records to make sure we are not deleting any valuable information such as companion site URL.
    • Sometimes you get an older paperback and a recent hardback, because a new edition of a book has been brought out, and is only available in hardback. In that case you can leave both versions there, so the user decides whether they want the cheaper version or the most up-to-date version. Or you can just delete the older version- it's up to you.
  • Sometimes a book title is duplicated, or includes a duplicated series title such as "(Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics) (Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics)". This is due to bad data that we get from Amazon and can be corrected manually.
  • There should be no "specific topics" books under Economic Principles, Introductory Macroeconomics or Introductory Microeconomics- only general texts in each of these topics, where the subcategory is whether these are UK, USA or Other.
  • The "Statistics for Economists" and "Mathematics for Economists" are introductory, i.e. books that would be useful for someone starting an economics degree and needing help with the maths. Nothing should appear under in these categories at the same time as under "Advanced Econometrics".
  • Occasionally, author names have errors; foreign characters get mangled or aren't in the comma-separated format e.g. Martin L. Poulter, Bhagesh M. Sachania