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Client Relations Management

There are two online views of the CRM database. These are only visible in the ILRT, not elsewhere on the network.

Note that these use old data: I am trying to replicate the queries in Integra but I'm expecting this to take a long time.

The "Hot, Warm, Cold" Report lists all departments in the database, ranked by how much activity we have with them. Having a contact at that department counts as a point. A recent event run in that department (not a national event) counts as three points. Case studies or handbook chapters authored by people in that department add extra points. The thresholds that distinguish "Hot", "Warm" and "Cold" departments are arbitrary.

The Region Report lists the departments in each geographical region of the UK. Each region gets a score which is based on the number of contacts we have in those departments and the number of events held in that region. This score is divided by the number of departments to sort the regions by average level of activity.