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Technical Documentation

Web Quality



  • econltsn
    • WhyStudyEconomics CMSMS, table prefix wse_cms_
    • StudyingEconomics CMSMS, table prefix cms_
    • Economics Network question bank, links database, externals database (no table prefixes)
  • wse_blog  used by Economics in Action, table prefix wp_
  • en_drupal  used by drupal installation
  • en_app  created this but don't remember what the hell it is


  • econbooks   book database
  • econltsn_crm   Old CRM (now just used to drive departments list and associates list)

METAL Project has no databases associated with it.

CHEER procedure

  • Link from CHEER home page with icon and micro-summaries of content
  • Link to software reviews from CHEER software reviews page
  • If software package X is reviewed,
    • add a link to the review in software database entry for X
    • Add a link from review to the entry in software catalogue for more information
  • Look at Showcase Are any of the new articles relevant to the Showcase categories?
  • Link from site home page
  • Announce the new issue (24hrs after it is ready so that site search engine has a chance to index it) on
    • econ-ltsn mailing list
    • news sections of site
    • Where else?
  • Articles on specific topics can be linked from areas of the site dealing with that topic


Site Searching

Excluding parts of a page

There are two sets of search robot exclusion tags used within pages. These prevent navigation bars, copyright statements etc. being indexed by search engines. One set of tags stop FDSE indexing parts of a page, another stops the Ultraseek search robot and some others. There is as yet no such tag to stop Google indexing part of a page. These tags are used in the header.ssi, footer.ssi and snav_*.ssi includes.