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How to edit the site and add files

How do I log in?

Just ask Martin and a password will be sent to your work email address. (NB I work part-time but will make TRUE issues a priority.) There is a "Team member? Log in" link on the Economics Network home page.

How do I edit a page?

Once you are logged in, wiki pages will have an Edit button at the top. This takes you to the editor, then scroll down and press Save. Try it on a hidden "sandbox" page.

How do I create pages?

You can't do this yourself: ask Martin.

How do I create a heading?

When you edit a page, there's a drop-down box labelled "Format" which allows you to select different heading types.

Can I edit other wikis?

Yes, in fact we positively encourage sharing of content between wikis where there is an overlap. It's probably a good idea to get in touch with the relevant subject contact so they know what's happening.

How do I upload files?

First, select the text that is going to be made into a link.

Then click on the link icon (). There's a Browse Server button which allows you to see your uploaded files. Then in the top left of the new screen there is an Upload button. A Browse button appears, and clicking on this allows you to select a file on your own computer. Click on Upload, and that file will quickly be copied onto the server.

The file will now be added to the list on the right of the screen. When you click on a file to select it, the filename will appear bottom right. You'll see a preview if the file is an image. Click on this filename, then OK the pop-up.

Once you save the page (remember to scroll down to the Save button) the text you initially selected will be linked to your uploaded file.

Yes. In edit mode, put the cursor at the top of the section you want to link to. Click on the anchor icon on the toolbar (to the right of the link button). It will ask you to give the anchor a name (e.g. "recent" if you have a section for recent additions). A little yellow icon will appear to mark the location, but this is only visible in edit mode. To link to that section of the page add #recent (or whatever anchor name you've used) at the end of the web address.

Something's vanished/ broken/ illegal

Don't worry, everything can be undone. Ask Martin. (Phone 0117 331 4349)

How are colleagues going to contribute?

Your choice:

  1. they can email content to you and they can add it,
  2. you can ask Martin to send them their own login
  3. they could use the comments facility to suggest changes, and then it's up to you whether to take their advice.

Who can add comments to pages?

Logged-in users should be able to comment straight away. Anonymous comments have to be approved by Martin before appearing on the site.

Comments can be disabled for any page on request: it's your choice.

What should I do with video?

The Economics Network can share and promote videos through YouTube or Google Video (if the owner of the material gives permission). We also like to keep a copy on our server. Video can be embedded so that it plays within a wiki page. We can also do some colour or brightness correction, even captioning if that's necessary. Upload the file as normal then Get in touch with Martin

What if I get material in a weird format?

If it's a lot of files, combine them into a .zip file using WinZip, 7Zip or a similar archiving program, then upload that. If in any doubt, ask Martin.