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TRUE participants & contact details

Project lead: Prof Rebecca Taylor, Economics Network and Nottingham Trent University
Project co-ordinator: Dr Jessica Thomson, Economics Network
Technical contact: Dr Martin Poulter, Economics Network,

Subject co-ordinators

Development Economics Dr. Peter Smith, University of Southampton
Econometrics Prof. Vincent Daly, Kingston University
Environmental Economics Prof. Alan Collins and Dr. Aaron Hatcher, University of Portsmouth
European Economics Prof. Cillian Ryan, University of Birmingham
Experimental Economics Prof. Dieter Balkenborg, University of Exeter
Heterodox Economics Dr. Andy Denis, City University
International Economics Prof. Derek Braddon, University of West of England
Industrial Economics Prof. David Paton, Nottingham University Business School
Labour Economics Prof. Monojit Chatterji, University of Dundee
Law and Economics Prof. Antony Dnes, University of Hull
Money, Banking & Finance Prof. Kent Matthews, Cardiff University
Public Sector Prof. John Ashworth, University of Durham
Regional and Local Economics Centre for Local and Regional Economics Analysis, University of Portsmouth (Dave Clark & Jeff Grainger)
Risk and Uncertainty Prof. Paul Fenn, Nottingham University Business School

Other Economics Network staff involved:

Professor John Sloman, Network Director

Ros O'Leary, Deputy Director

Dr Inna Pomorina, Research Manager