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Want to learn how to have an easier time with technology? Answer this short quiz to get a personalised set of tips.

Services for the Economics Community

Do you know how to

Create a web link to a topic in WinEcon? ( I don't have WinEcon)
Set up an online economic experiment?
Find e-Learning materials for mathematical concepts? ( I don't teach maths)

Do you know how to use

Economics Network Question Bank?
Instant Remedial Maths Test? ( I don't teach maths)

The Web

Do you know how to

Find images, audio and video online?
Use Turnitin plagiarism detection software?
Does your institution have a Virtual Learning Environment (such as Blackboard or Moodle)?
If yes, do you know how to use it to share links, announcements and basic quizzes with your students?


Do you know how to

Blank the screen during a presentation?
Annotate slides with a pen?
Combine slide shows with audio?


Do you know how to

Customise your Excel toolbar?
Stop column or row headers from scrolling?
Import a table from a PDF document into Excel?
Paste a chart from Excel into Powerpoint (without copying the entire worksheet)?

Online Tools

Do you understand what's meant by

A wiki?
A blog?
A podcast?
Social bookmarking?

Development of this resource was made possible by a grant from the JISC/Higher Education Academy's Distributed eLearning programme. Thanks to the Economics Network's advisors for feedback.

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