Economics Network Advisory Group

Until July 2012, the Network had an advisory group to guide and monitor its progress. The formation of the Advisory Group was based on:

  • No fewer than 8 members
  • Independent Chair (independent of Economics Network staff)
  • CHUDE (Conference of Heads of University Departments of Economics) representation
  • Postgraduate representation
  • Employer/user representation
  • University of Bristol representation

Past members

Dr Mark Bailey University of Ulster
Prof Alan Carruth University of Kent
Prof Vincent Daly Kingston University
Paul Dowdall University of the West of England, Bristol
Anne Gasteen Glasgow Caledonian University
Prof Paul Latreille Swansea University
Kit Leighton-Kelly Education Support Unit, Bristol University
Iain Long London School of Economics and Political Science
Dr Dimitra Petropoulou University of Sussex
Judith Piggott Oxford Brookes University
Andrew Ross HM Treasury
Prof Cillian Ryan (Chair) University of Birmingham
Dr Guglielmo Volpe Queen Mary, University of London
Prof Robert Wright University of Strathclyde
Caroline Elliott Lancaster University
John Houston Glasgow Caledonian
Rebecca Taylor Nottingham Trent University
Frank Forsythe University of Ulster
Peter Davies Staffordshire University
Nancy Devlin City University
Cillian Ryan University of Birmingham
Monojit Chatterji University of Dundee
Paul Latreille University of Swansea
Jean Woodall BMAF, Oxford Brookes University
Tony Antoniou University of Durham
Nancy Devlin City University
Alan Carruth University of Kent
Michael McMahon London School of Economics and Political Science
Judith Piggott Oxford Brookes
Anne Gasteen Glasgow Caledonian
Dimitra Petropoulou University of Oxford
Andy Ross Government Economic Service
Gill Clarke University of Bristol
Guglielmo Volpe London Metropolitan University
Guy Judge University of Portsmouth
Tim Bailey Association of Business Schools
John Beath University of St. Andrews

Meeting Minutes