Economics Network CHEER Virtual Edition

Volume 11, Issue 1, 1997

CHEER / CTI Centre for Economics Questionnaire results:

a provisional overview

In an effort to review and improve CHEER and other services provided in whole or part by CTI Economics, a CHEER / CTI Centre for Economics evaluation questionnaire was sent out in the November issue of CHEER (Issue 10 Volume 3). This is just an initial overview of responses - it is intended to further evaluate CTI Economics during visits to departments, workshops and through the web site (find the on-line questionnaire [The long questionnaire has been taken down but we do still want to hear comments on any aspect of our work- Web Editor]). Approximately fifty responses have been collected so far - not such a high number that warrants sophisticated evaluation, but never-the-less an interesting and useful set of views from a cross section of the economics community.


Most respondents read every copy of CHEER and most sections. Reasons put forward for liking CHEER:

Some suggested improvements included improving the quality of print and a higher emphasis on evaluation.

Following the release of the questionnaire, the CHEER board have reviewed the journal (see Guy Judge's editorial) - one of the changes being in this edition is the outsourcing of the printing and layout. Virtual CHEER can be found on CTI Economics web site at

CTI Economics

Practically all respondents were familiar with the services CTI Economics provides (see the inside front cover of CHEER for a list of services or the Services section of the web site). Suggestions for further services included:

Catalogue of Economics Software

Approximately half of the respondents had seen a paper copy or on-line copy of the CTI Economics catalogue of software. Descriptions of the best properties of the catalogue included 'comprehensive' and 'informative'. One suggested improvement was to improve the link from the home page on the web site.

CTI Economics web site

Again about half of respondents were aware of and had used this service. Most popular pages included the catalogue of economics software, Blackwell Economics Articles index and CTI Economics services information.

Currently the CTI Web site is undergoing development to improve navigation and content. Please use the on-line questionnaire [no longer available- web editor] at or email Ros O'Leary on if you have any additional comments or suggestions.


Roughly a third of respondents had either attended a CTI Economics workshop or planned to attend one in the future. The biggest constraint to attending such a workshop was time. Suggested workshops included:

Please see the March edition of the CTI Economics and CHEER Newsletter or on the web site for the current workshop programme and registration form. The programme includes workshops on POWERSIM, PcGive and PcFiml, Ox, STELLA and GAUSS, as well as WinEcon and Internet courses on using and authoring on the web.

Have your say

The CTI Centre for Economics is funded by the four HE funding councils of England , Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and is tasked to serve the economics higher education community by encouraging the use of technology in teaching. All comments or suggestions are extremely welcome, and go some way in ensuring the centre meets the needs of its constituency.

Please make any comments or suggestions by using the on-line questionnaire. [See contact section of this web site for current user questionnaires- Web Editor]

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