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Volume 13, Issue 1, 1999

WinEcon 5.0 Released

Simon Price
TLTP Economics Consortium

Blackwell Publishers are now shipping version 5.0 of "Interactive Economics: the WinEcon software". Existing customers will receive a free upgrade when they renew their annual license or, the software can be downloaded now from This new version is available in two configurations:

UK Higher Education institutions receive the full Customisable version but may choose to download the Institutional version should they not wish to customise the software or use course management features. In such cases, using the Institutional version will avoid the students having to log in using the infamous "student" username and password; there is little point in getting students to log in if you are not using the course management system or exams. That said, it is actually a simple matter to switch off the log-in feature on the full Customisable version!

The student version on CD-ROM, called "Interactive Economics: the WinEcon software" and the workbook "Interactive Economics: the WinEcon workbook" continue to be available through bookshops and can be ordered over the Internet via

Also featuring version 5.0 software is a new Blackwell publication, affectionately known as MathEcon but officially called "Mathematics for Economics and Business: selections from WinEcon". This is a text book which includes a CD-ROM containing a customised course built around selected topics from WinEcon and a collection of self-assessment questions in Adobe Acrobat format. MathEcon is reviewed in this issue of CHEER. (See also the late breaking news).

What's New in 5.0?

WinEcon 5.0 features literally hundreds of corrections to the courseware content and numerous bug fixes. In terms of features, the new version has the following:

WinEcon 5.0 Re-Indexing

The new version is indexed to the most up-to-date editions of the four leading introductory economics texts.

In addition, version 5.0 topic names, chapter and section numbers continue to remain valid for the WinEcon Workbook and if you have produced student handouts yourself, these will not need amending.

Late Breaking News

An updated version (WinEcon 5.1) of both the Customisable and Institutional versions of WinEcon can now be downloaded by existing customers from This new version includes the Mathematics for Economics and Business course developed for the text of the same name but usable in its own right. It also includes references to this text along the same lines as the indexing to the four leading economics texts. Finally, a problem which arose with WinEcon Lecturer on Windows NT4 has also been solved and a few additional corrections to the maths courseware have been spotted and fixed.

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Figure 1. Search biz/ed Web site from the WinEcon glossary

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Figure 2. Result of search of biz/ed Web site for "Keynes" from the WinEcon glossary

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