Economics Network CHEER Virtual Edition

Volume 8, Issue 3, 1994

New on the Internet: an update on the EJ Internet Primer

Thomas Krichel
University of Surrey
Thorsten Wichmann
Technische Universität Berlin

This text provides an update to the "Internet Primer for Economists" that we prepared for the Software Review section of the Economic Journal (Krichel and Wichmann (1994)). New resources of interest to economists are being added on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. The EJ review article, although published this month, is already behind the times. We have collected information on new services as they appeared and therefore the collection is chronological. Most of the information has been extracted from e-mail announcements on the Net. We thank all those who have created new services or brought to our attention existing services that we did not know of. Clearly none of them should be made responsible for errors or omissions in this document.

Friday, 10 June 1994
The National Archives of the United States open an Internet Gopher server that provides key information relating to the National Archives, including descriptions of facilities nationwide, information on agency holdings, publications and general information leaflets, as well as some Federal records regulations. Research questions can be directed by e-mail to URL's are gopher:// and

Tuesday, 14 June 1994
Robert O. Frasca <> announces NETworth, [Now at - Web Editor] for financial and mutual fund information.

Wednesday, 15 June 1994
Siegfried Rambaum <> announces uploads of the complete options on futures quotes history of the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) for the period Sept. 1990 to Sept. 1993. and .

Monday, 13June 1994
James R. Garven <> announces ARIAWeb, a web server for the American Risk and Insurance Association at [Now at -Web Editor] It contains electronic copies of the ARIA Forum.
Friday, 10 June 1994
Christof Schmidbauer <> writes about his web server at that provides links to several sites with current and historical stockquotes. Similar information is also available from [This location seems to no longer exist- Web Editor].

Thursday, 16 June 1994
The Commerce Department made the National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) (over 300,000 documents) available to the public through the Internet. These documents, which include over 130 information programs from over 20 federal sources, were previously available only as paper copies, or electronically on the National Trade Data Bank CD-ROM. This process will make valuable trade information available to Internet users for the first time. Included in these information programs will be the Department's Foreign Trader's Index, the Export Yellow Pages, the Trade Opportunities Program, and Market Research Reports. Other agencies will also release data through this new method of electronic information dissemination including the White House as well as the Departments of State, Treasury, Defense, Agriculture, Labour, Transportation, and Energy. Other major sources of information include the Central Intelligence Agency, the US International Trade Commission, the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., the Federal Reserve Board, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the Social Security Administration. Access via, gopher://

Friday, 17 June 1994
The discussion list Econhist moves to and becomes unmoderated. Replies are directed towards the original poster.

Monday, 20 June 1994
Kai Mander <> announces that the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy offers a number of electronic mailing lists on trade issues. These are: TRADE-NEWS (includes weekly bulletins: NAFTA Monitor, Trade Week and GATT Alert), TRADE-LIBRARY (a storehouse of trade related documents) and TRADE-STRATEGY (a discussion of trade issues). Subscribe to

Monday, 27 June 1994
The newly formed Society for Computational Economics opens a list sce-list@vm1.sara. Subscribe to

Friday, 1 July 1994
Nathan Newman <> announces the EDIN Archive for Progressive Resources On-Line. It is an archive of files and gopher connections for progressive activists and researchers. They have directories covering issues ranging from the economy, labour unions, race and racism, gender issues, trade, socialist organisations, to information on local, state, national and international government organisations. URL's are gopher://, gopher://, gopher:// .

Friday, 8 July 1994
Chris Cooper <> writes that 15-minute delayed stock quotes "and much more" are available from We understand that this is a commercial service. For more information, send a blank message to

Friday, 8 July 1994
Preston Rich <> announces FinanceNet. It deals with the US National Performance Review, on gopher://, or

Tuesday, 12 July 1994
Patrick Vanhoudt <> announces a discussion list on economic growth. Subscribe to, using "subscribe economic-growth" in the body of the message.

Tuesday, 19 July 1994
Susan Carter <> says that data sets and codebooks from the University of California Historical Labour Statistics Project (HLSP) are now available through the Cliometric Society at gopher:// The HLSP has collected in machine-readable form detailed data on American labour markets selected from the many separate investigations undertaken between 1874 and 1904 by the bureaus of labour statistics established by twenty-nine states.

Thursday, 21 July 1994
The Population Studies Center of the University of Michigan, a Demographic Research and Training Center with an interdisciplinary base of sociology, economics, public health, anthropology, political science, and social work open a WWW server at
Saturday, 23 July, 1994
Hans M. Amman <Hans.Amman@NL.SARA> forwards information about the Contents Alert Economics service by Elsevier Science B.V. To subscribe or unsubscribe, please send e-mail to with "subscribe casecon-c" in the body of the message.

Tuesday, 26 July 1994
Michael Lowe <> creates a moderated mailing list for discussion concerning the econometric package Limdep called To subscribe to the list send mail to

Friday, 29 July
Haiyan Song <> announces that a new economic discussion list has been established by the Chinese Economic Association (UK). This list is to provide a means of exchanging information on issues of Chinese economy. To join this list, you should send the following message: "join econ-cea-uk First_Name Second_Name" to

Monday, 1 August 1994
The Cliometric Society announces "Issues in Teaching Economic History", a list for all those who would like to discuss and exchange information on topics specific to the teaching of economic history. The address is Subscribe to

Thursday, 25 August 1994
The CTI Centre for Economics <> offers the abstracts of economics articles published by Blackwell Publishers on the Net. The first available index covers articles for the calendar year 1993 and the first quarter of 1994. The URL is: [This service is now no longer available. We recommend browsing Blackwell's own site -Web Editor].

Friday, 2 September 1994
Donald L Bumpass <> reminds us that US Census Bureau news releases are available by e-mail. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to, and in the message body type "subscribe press-release". Also include the name of your news outlet, the address and telephone number, and your preferred e-mail address. You will then begin receiving news releases and tipsheets on the embargo date.

Friday, 16 September 1994
Forrest Smith makes the sci.econ.research archive available on

Saturday, 17 September 1994
Bart Verspagen announces the WWW server of the MERIT, a research institute at the University of Limburg in Maastricht, the Netherlands, at (WWW).

Wednesday, 21 September 1994
The Cliometric Society announces "Macroeconomic History", a list for all those who would like to discuss and exchange information on topics specific to macroeconomic history. The address is Subscribe to

Saturday, 24 September 1994
John Jespersen <> announces CED-NET on, a list on "Community Economic Development in Developed Countries". CED-NET is an unmoderated discussion list for anyone interested in trends, opportunities and changes in community economic development. The focus will be on what communities can do for themselves in terms of achieving access to knowledge, programs, markets, and funds. Subscribe to

Tuesday, 27 September 1994
Michael J.H. Yaffey <> creates a list on Economic and Social Development at It is an academic discussion group focussing on the national development of LDCs ("Third World") and countries in transition. This involves a multidisciplinary blend of economics, sociology, and political science. Subscribe to

Thursday, 29 September 1994
Stephen Guastello <> announces an ftp site on that is now soliciting documents in a number of categories related to the application of non-linear dynamics and chaos in the social science. Mail for further information.

Tuesday, 4 October 1994
Dr. Jurgen Brauer <> informs us that the American Economic Association's Job Openings for Economists are available on the Internet at gopher:// [Now at Web Editor]

Tuesday, 4 October 1994
Jim Goes <> reannounces the Management Archive. The Archive contains, among other things, working papers and preprints in the management and organisational sciences, recent paper calls, course syllabi and teaching materials, conference announcements, and archives of Academy of Management and management-related discussion lists. It can be reached at gopher:// [This seems to be no longer active- Web Editor] For announcements about the archive there is an e-mail discussion list. To subscribe, send the following one-line message to subscribe ma-update firstname lastname.

Wednesday, 12 October 1994
Louis James <> opens for the discussion of Austrian Economics. Write to for a subscription.

Thursday, 13 October 1994
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange announces its debut on the World Wide Web. Accessible from the CME Home Page are background and product information, volume and membership-price information and charts, and the CME Model for Federal Financial Regulation, a proposal for streamlining government oversight of financial institutions. The URL is [Now at -Web Editor].

Thursday, 13 October 1994
Michael Luebbeke <> informs us about a new gopher server at the Centre for European Economic Research, Mannheim, Germany. While this server is still under construction it is planned to contain the Centre's discussion papers. The URL is: gopher:// [This seems to be no longer available- Web Editor].

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(1) Thomas Krichel and Thorsten Wichmann (1994), "Internet Primer for Economists", The Economic Journal 104 (November), 1496-1523.

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