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ASSA Conference Paper, Washington, January 1995

A New Generation Computer Based Learning Package for Introductory Economics

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Annex 2: Membership of the Economics Consortium and the Modules being Developed

Member University.... Module

Core Modules

Staffordshire What is economics: Basic economic questions, tools of economics, specialisation, gains from trade Staffordshire Introduction to demand and supply: Elementary theory of price

Staffordshire Intermediate demand: Budget constraints, indifference curves

Coventry Intermediate supply: Long-run, short-run, cost functions

Surrey Perfect competition and monopoly:

Surrey Imperfect competition: Monopolistic competition, oligopoly

Leicester Regulation of markets and market failure

Coventry Factors of production: Market for factors, income distribution

Bristol Intro to macroeconomics; Historical data

London Guildhall Intro to macroeconomics; NI accounting

Portsmouth Income expenditure model, closed and open economies

Portsmouth Money supply and demand

Portsmouth Theories of aggregate demand, closed and open economies

Bristol Theories of aggregate supply

London Guildhall Monetary and fiscal policies, open and closed economies

Bristol Economic growth and fluctuations

London Guildhall Development economics

Leicester Welfare economics

Surrey Risk/Insurance

Staffordshire Nationalisation/Privatisation

Coventry Producing at least cost

Coventry Financing business

Skills Modules

Surrey / Leicester Mathematics for economics (introductory)

Surrey / Leicester Mathematics for economics (intermediate)

Oxford Statistics for economics

Oxford Probability for economics

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