1. Precalculus: Further Resources

 Online Resource Collections

MathTutor and mathcentre have rich collections of free online resources on a variety of topics in mathematics aimed at bridging the gap between school and university study. The coverage of topics is much more thorough than in this course and you can use these as a source of written handouts, additional exercises and videos on the topics covered here, but also as a source of resources on topics beyond the scope of this course.

Below you can find links to topics that are particularly relevant to the section on Precalculus mathematics.

MathTutor Arithmetic MathTutor Algebra mathcentre Arithmetics mathcentre Algebra

 Additional Exercises

Maths E.G has a rich and extensive collection of computer-based questions and quizzes on a variety of topics within mathematics and statistics. While covering a much more thorough set of topics than this course, some of the exercises there (in particular, the collections on Algebra and Numbers) are highly relevant to this section.


Mathematics for Economics: enhancing Teaching and Learning (METAL) provides a set of learning resources on Mathematics for Economics and especially a set of interesting videos providing an economic twist to common mathematical concepts.

For example, the following video from METAL introduces percentages in the context of international currency markets and the Big Mac Index.

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