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2015 Learning and Teaching Awards

In 2015, the Economics Network presented the "Best New Lecturer Award" to Peter Backus from the University of Manchester.

The winner

Peter Backus from the University of Manchester was selected as the award winner by a panel of judges, not only for the exceptional teaching and support that he provides to his students but also for his wider engagement outside the classroom with students and colleagues. 

Peter's nomination highlighted the following:

  • Outstanding feedback from students, including some of the best evaluations in the School of Social Science
  • Motivating students to engage with the subject and running interactive, discussion-based classes even with over 600 students
  • Contribution to ongoing discussions within the department and with the Post-Crash Economics Society regarding curriculum reform
  • Establishing seminars and extra-curricular events that bring together staff and students to discuss research, articles and contemporary economic topics

Award criteria

Best new lecturer award (up to three years in post)

The winner of this award will be in the first three years of a teaching post and should show promise of a significant contribution to economics education.

The judging panel will be looking for individuals who:

  • inspire and encourage students’ interest in economics
  • challenge and motivate students towards academic excellence
  • engage and disseminate their work to the economics community both within and outside their institution.

This is likely to be demonstrated on the basis of a number of activities - examples include:

  • designing a module in an interesting way
  • innovative use of technology in teaching
  • inspiring students and/or colleagues
  • sharing methods and examples through workshops, conferences, research
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