CHEER Virtual Edition
Volume 16, 2004 Contents

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*  Editorial


*  Combining Fun and Learning in Principles of Economics Courses
     Soumaya M. Tohamy

*  Student Feedback on Distance Learning with the Use of WebCT
     Alina M. Zapalska, Magdalena Niewiadomska Bugaj, Frank Flanegin and Denis Rudd

*  Estimating A Plane: Economics in the Third Dimension
     Robert S. Rycroft

*  Formulating and Solving Exhaustible Resource Models as Mixed Complementarity Problems in GAMS
     Sven M. Flakowski


*  Writing fast and responsive Web-based models with JavaScript
     Jocelyn Paine and Graham Stark


*  Gauss 4.0 for Windows
     Dimitrios V. Vougas

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