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2.7 The costs of teaching with newsclips

There are some inevitable costs associated with the use of newsclips:

  • Search time. You need to dedicate some time to the search and editing of newspaper articles. However, many leading business newspapers and magazines are available on the internet. Their websites have search facilities that allow you to retrieve articles on the basis of keyword searches. This greatly reduces the search time. Bredon (1999) suggests other ways through which the internet can be used to generate newsclips.
  • Teaching time. The presentation and discussion of newsclips during the lecture is bound to reduce the time available for the analysis of formal theory. Thus, you will have to restructure your lecture and to decide how to accommodate the discussion of theory within the shorter time available.
  • Teamwork. Teaching with newsclips in a module where you share seminar classes with other tutors requires that your teaching team be fully committed to this teaching method. This implies that they share the same approach, enthusiasm and commitment in the discussion of the allocated cases. You will have to make sure that they will approach the case discussion in similar ways – the supply of guidelines and teaching notes can help the co-ordination activity.