IREE, Volume 11 Issue 2

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Peter Davies, Ross Guest and David McCausland

Determinants of Malaysian and Singaporean Economics Undergraduates' Academic Performance
Chang Da Wan and Roland Cheo

Performance Determinants in Undergraduate Economics Classes: The Effect of Cognitive Reflection
Alexei Orlov and John Roufagalas

How Much is Students’ College Performance Affected by Quantity of Study?
Hans Bonesrønning and Leiv Opstad

Teaching Profit Seeking as the Source of Growth
David Kauper

Bringing the ‘Dismal Science’ to Life: Teaching Economics Through Multimedia
Wayne Geerling

An Interactive Computer Model of Two-Country Trade
William Hamlen and Kevin Hamlen

Toward Teaching Markets as Complex Systems: A Web Based Simulation Assignment Implemented in Netlogo
Tim Kochanski

Review: The Heart of Teaching Economics: Lessons from Leading Minds (Simon W. Bowmaker)
Sandra Odorzynski


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