IREE Volume 9 Issue 2, 2010

Mike Watts and Ross Guest

Discovering Economics in the Classroom with Experimental Economics and the Scottish Enlightenment
Taylor Jaworski, Vernon Smith and Bart Wilson

Teaching Opportunity Cost in an Emissions Permit Experiment
Charles Holt, Erica Myers, Markus Wrake, Dallas Burtraw and Svante Mandell

Do Classroom Experiments Affect the Number of Economics Enrollments and Majors?
Tisha Emerson and Beck Taylor

Experiential Learning with Experiments
Henrik Egbert and Vanessa Mertins

Patents and R&D: a Classroom Experiment
Amy Diduch

To Work or Not to Work … That is the Question: Labour Market Decisions in the Classroom
Arlene Garces-Ozanne and Phyll Esplin

Using Economic Classroom Experiments
Todd R. Kaplan and Dieter Balkenborg

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