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Shared materials in Labour Economics

Monojit Chatterji, University of Dundee

A Case Study in Efficiency Wages

Christine Greenhalgh, Oxford University

Slides from four revision lectures by Christine Greenhalgh, Oxford University, Summer 2009 (Powerpoint format, with references in the first file)

  1. Empirical and policy aspects of labour supply
  2. Estimating the changing extent of gender discrimination
  3. Empirical and policy aspects of demand for labour
  4. Technological change, employment and wages

A re-styled version of the last Powerpoint has been uploaded to SlideShare where it has had more than one thousand views.

Tim Hinks, University of Bath

Labour Economics in Developing Countries: Wasted Opportunities? 
Slide show by Tim Hinks, University of Bath, 2008-10





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