Partner organisations

The Economics Network is delighted to be partnered with the following organisations, all of whom will extend the reach of the Network and add to our work on promoting and supporting innovations and effective practice in economics education.

The Government Economic Service (GES)

The GES is part of the UK Civil Service and provides highly trained economics to government in order to support policy development and implementation. The work of Government economists, which affects the daily lives of millions of people, ranges from providing data to help alleviate child poverty to appraising new transport schemes.

GES and the Economics Network

Through their partnership, the GES and the Economics Network hope to demonstrate their commitment to supporting the development of highly skilled economics graduates who are well-equipped to work in and develop the UK economy.

"The Economics Network is tremendously important for the health of economics in the UK, and so the Government Economic Service had no hesitation in accepting an invitation to partner with the Network. I applaud the organisations now supporting the Economics Network and hope to see other economists and their organisations rally round to grow this wonderful resource."

Andy Ross, Deputy Director,
Government Economic Service


Educational Innovations in Economics and Business (EDiNEB)

  EDiNEB is a Europe-wide network, based in the Netherlands, that represents professionals in educational institutions and corporate learning centres, who strive for educational innovation in business and economics. It offers specialist support to members and member institutions who wish to adapt their curriculum to highly innovative programmes with effective instruction methods, including problem-based learning, skills training and technological development.

EDiNEB and the Economics Network

The Economics Network and EDiNEB support economics education across the UK and Europe and, as partners, we hope to share ideas and best practice from the teaching community in order to promote and encourage innovation and curriculum development.

"The Educational Innovations in Economics and Business (EDiNEB) is happy to announce our partnership with Economics Network UK. By combining the strong UK presence of the Economics Network with a more internationally focused EDiNEB, we hope to further strengthen and disseminate state-of-the art innovation and best-practice in economics and business education."

Bart Rienties, Chair, EDiNEB


The American Economic Association - Committee on Economic Education (AEA-CEE)

The Committee on Economic Education is a standing committee of the AEA whose aim is to improve the quality of economics education at all levels, including school, university and general adult education. The CEE sponsors regular paper sessions and workshops, as well as running an annual conference on teaching economics and research into economics education.

The AEA–CEE and the Economics Network

The AEA–CEE and the Network both work to improve, inform and facilitate research on economics education. While the two organisations do not have a formal partnership in place, there is close collaboration between them and a desire to further the sharing of ideas across the Atlantic.

"Given our mutual interest in economic education, the Economics Network and the AEA–CEE have agreed to work to promote the efficient flow of information about activities of the two groups, and to explore avenues of cooperation for specific projects that may arise."

Sam Allgood, Chair, AEE–CEE


The Association of European Economics Education (AEEE)

The AEEE is a European association that brings together professionals in economics and business education. Its members are committed to economics education at all levels and offer support throughout the teaching community.

The AEEE and the Economics Network

The AEEE and the Economics Network share common aims around promoting and developing economics education. Similarly to the AEEE, the Network supports and distributes new and innovative research on economics teaching, including course content and teaching tools and methods. As partners, the Network and the AEEE hope to expand the community they can reach and inform.

"The AEEE is looking forward to working with the Economics Network in our aim to circulate more information between all levels of economics education. Every two years, the AEEE holds conference in a different country, giving members and partners, such as the Economics Network, opportunities to share ideas about classroom practice and observe a wide range of current developments."

Thijs de Gaaij, Secretary General, AEEE


The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)

The ACT is the leading professional body for international treasury, which supports and represents professionals working in treasury, risk and corporate finance, as well as providing the widest scope of benchmark qualifications in these sectors. It defines standards, promotes best practice and supports continuing professional development.

ACT and the Economics Network

Through the partnership, the ACT and the Economics Network hope to both raise awareness of the careers available in this sector and to promote the development of highly skilled economics graduates, who are not only knowledgeable about their subject but are also ready for the workplace.

"The ACT is delighted to be working with The Economics Network. Economists understand the environment in which the treasurer works, they appreciate the bigger picture that surrounds what treasurers do on a day-to-day basis. In these challenging times, corporate treasury offers exciting, forward looking, rewarding careers for economics graduates. This collaboration is another example of the ACT reaching out positively to the higher education sector to grow awareness of treasury as a discipline, and as a profession, early in people’s careers."

James Lockyer, Development Director, ACT