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Guide to Blogging in Economics

This guide has some useful pointers for newcomers to the world of blogging. It will start with the assumption that you have something to say: something that can be digested into a short article. It might be an update about your own research, or a reaction to current events. It could be a summary or critique of a paper or a book that you've been reading. It might be in a polished style, or a note-form list of things you've been reading or thinking about.

We will look at how to get this message out to an audience of fellow economists and lay people. This might involve using a shared blogging platform or, if you are ready for the commitment, creating your own blog. We will explain some different blogging platforms, but grisly technical detail will be unnecessary. We will consider different ways to make sure your blog is a success, especially how you draw attention to your blog once it's published. We also list some risks and ethical considerations to prepare for when you start your own blog. Finally we will focus on specific uses of blogs in economics and some case studies of how they are used in teaching.