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Volume 18, 2006 Contents

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*  Editorial


*  Interactive Scenario Analysis of Exhaustible Resource Problems
     Arthur Caplan and John Gilbert

*  The Influence of Learning Styles on Learners in E-Learning Environments: An Empirical Study
     Naser-Nick Manochehr

*  A Closed System of Production Possibility and Social Welfare
     Bill Hamlen and Kevin Hamlen

*  History Matters: Modelling Path Dependence on a Spreadsheet
     Chris Hand

*  Analysing the Effects of Excise Taxes Using Microsoft Excel
     J. Wilson Mixon, Jr. and Bradley N. Hopkins

*  A Simulation Experiment of a Customs Union
     Reza Oladi and John Gilbert

*  Using a Simple Simulation Model to Help Students 'Think Like Economists' in Intermediate Macroeconomics
     Edward M. McNertney and Robert F. Garnett, Jr.

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