International Review of Economics Education (IREE)

An international peer-reviewed journal that promotes research into effective learning and teaching in economics in higher education

The International Review of Economics Education has been published electronically twice a year by the Economics Network since 2003. Since January 2013, Elsevier has taken over the publication of IREE and increased the number of issues to three per calendar year. The Economics Network continues to maintain strong links with IREE and its editors.

ISSN: 1477-3880

Future editions of IREE and details on how to submit to the journal are available on the Elsevier website.

If you have any queries relating to papers submitted to IREE, please contact Ross Guest.


We are delighted to announce that from issue 10.1 onwards, IREE will incorporate articles that would have otherwise appeared in CHEER (Computers in Higher Education Economics Review). We look forward to continuing CHEER's longstanding contribution to the development of innovative practice in the use of ICT in economics education. Insofar as this exciting field is ultimately about enhancing learning and teaching in higher education economics, it is within the scope of IREE. So incorporating articles in this field into IREE will provide a unified reference for readers and help to build connections between ICT and other innovations in economics education.


IREE through RePEc

IREE papers are listed in the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) database. This means they are listed on many online services for economists, for example:

If you are an IREE author, you can register as an author with RePEc and attach your articles to a personal profile which is visible to other researchers. This is a volunteer-run service and entirely free.