The Handbook for Economics Lecturers

4.1 Web resources

The JISC-funded Plagiarism Advisory Service is based in the Information management Research Institute at Northumbria University. Among other things, the service provides general advice to institutions, academics and students, a portal to online resources on the issue of plagiarism, and an electronic detection service.

The Coastal Carolina University Kimbel Library provides an authoritative list of the world's cheat sites.

The Center for Academic Integrity (CAI) is affiliated to the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University. It is a consortium of over 320 institutions in North America which aims to provide a forum to identify and affirm the values of academic integrity. It has a useful link to the honour codes of its member universities.

This plagiarism resource site has been created by Lou Bloomfield, University of Virginia. It includes a link to WCopyfind, a free plagiarism detection program. It cannot search the Web to find matching documents, but it can make comparisons between locally stored files. It is very simple to use and effective in checking for similarities between student assignments across semesters.

This Queensland University of Technology site documents approaches to non-deliberate plagiarism, where it is evident that there is no intention to cheat or steal ideas, but where, for cultural and/or linguistic reasons, students fall foul of university regulations.

The Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) maintains one of the most comprehensive websites in the world on plagiarism-related issues.

This is a link to a 'plagiarism-risk quiz' (using passages from an economics text) developed by the Goucher College Writing Program. It is an interactive resource that students might find helpful.