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In this short video Joanna Coast talks about the nature of the capability approach and how it might be relevant as a normative framework for use within health economics. Ideas developed in papers on the application of the capability approach (see, for example: Coast J, Smith RD, Lorgelly P. "Should the capability approach be applied in health economics?" Health Economics. 2008; 17: 667-670; Coast J, Smith RD, Lorgelly P. "Welfarism, extra-welfarism and capability: the spread of ideas in health economics" Social Science & Medicine. 2008; 67: 1190-1198. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2008.06.027). Duration 8'10"

Above is a reduced quality version for online viewing, which you can also download (15 MB). For better quality, a DVD-quality version (108 MB) can be downloaded.

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