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Press Release: ING-Economics Network Survey of Public Understanding of Economics

May 2, 2017 - 15:55

New online poll finds that people are sceptical of economics but would like to learn more.

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Undergraduate Dissertations in Economics

Emeritus Professor Peter Smith
University of Southampton
First published 2009
Revised version July 2016
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A Practical Guide

Reflections on Teaching in a Research-intensive University

Michael McMahon, University of Warwick
Michael McMahon
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Warwick
Published November 2010

Things it would have been useful to have been told as a starting PhD student

Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics, Warwick University

Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics, Warwick University
Published October 2009
Linked from Economics Network in July 2014

Research-led Teaching at Swansea

Ian Jeffries, University of Swansea
Contact: Ian Jeffries
School of Business and Economics, Swansea University
Published September 2009

The Department of Economics at Swansea University has an enviable record as regards teaching awards. I will try to shed some light on why this is so. In the process a few tips may hopefully be passed on.

Is Teaching Good For Research Productivity?

Gonzalo Forgues-Puccio, University of St Andrews
Gonzalo Forgues-Puccio
University of St Andrews
Published September 2009

Once during a job interview I got one of the questions that you are supposed to answer, “no, of course not”, but then you find yourself in a position in which is very difficult to elaborate without sounding suspiciously deceptive. The question was: “Do you consider that teaching is a hindrance for research?”

Research and Classroom Teaching

John Sedgwick, London Metropolitan University
Contact: John Sedgwick
London Metropolitan University
Published February 2007

Richard Feynman on Research and Teaching

Richard P. Feynman

"The Dignified Professor": excerpts from "'Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman!' Adventures of a Curious Character" by Richard Feynman, Bantam Books: New York, 1986

Combining Research and Teaching

Todd R. Kaplan, University of Exeter
Contact: Todd R. Kaplan
University of Exeter
Published January 2007

Integrating teaching and research

Andrew Mearman, University of the West of England
Contact: Andrew Mearman
University of the West of England, Bristol
Published December 2006