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General statistical literacy

Gallery of Data Visualization: The Best and Worst of Statistical Graphics including "the most misleading graph ever published"
by Michael Friendly, York University (Toronto, Canada), 2007

Statistical zombies ("the top ten mistakes that infest day-to-day reporting of numerical and statistical information")
Kevin Drum, Mother Jones magazine, November 2010


Quantitative Research in Political Science and Public Policy
MIT OpenCourseWare from 2004, lecture notes, exams and solutions. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) Licence

Research Methods and Applied Statistics: Public Policy 202 and Public Administration 202 
course at George Washington University, syllabus, readings and assignments

Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences I
by Dr. Eoin O'Malley, School of Law and Government, Dublin City University - course outline.

Quantitative Politics
wiki bringing together links University level resources produced by University of Maryland GVPT

GOV 1000/2000/2000e Quantitative Methods for Political Science I
by Professor Adam Glynn, Harvard University - syllabus / course outline


Can humour make students love statistics?
Andy Field on how he makes use of eels, quails and lap dancers in his teaching. Psychological study of how humour can be used to help teach statistics to sociologists.

SOCY401 Intermediate Statistics for Sociologists
website for course at University of Maryland - includes a syllabus.

SN 6561 -British Crime Survey 2007-2008: Teaching Dataset
from ESDS includes teacher notes for using this dataset

SC504-7-AU-CO: Quantitative Analysis from Univariate to Multivariate Methods
course outline and lab exercises from University of Essex in 2010.

Investigating Crime using the British Crime Survey X4L
SDiT (Survey Data in Teaching) - resources can be used for A level syllabi but are also highly applicable for undergraduate and postgraduate learning


Geospatial Analysis - a comprehensive guide
A complete 200-page book online, by Michael de Smith and Paul Longley, University College London, and Mike Goodchild, UC Santa Barbara


See the Economics Network's links to statistical resources for economics


Leaflets: Guide to statistics
A series of leaflets on probability and statistics, to either downloaded for printing, or view online. A joint venture between the Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education, MSOR and Mathcentre

Descriptive statistics for interval and ratio scale data A series of audio-narrated slide shows with a self-test quiz, released 2005
David Justham, Heather Wharrad, University of Nottingham

Resources linked from this page are copyright: all rights reserved except where stated.

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