Assessment Materials in Industrial Economics

David Paton, Nottingham University

Past exam for N14100 Industrial Economics 2008/09

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Julian Wells, Kingston University London

This is a literature search and review in which students have to assess a current debate between Ronald Coase and Benjamin Klein (and others).

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Michael Pollitt, MIT

From a course delivered in 2003, PDF-format exams and problem sets, mostly including solutions. There are also around two dozen lecture handouts. The materials are online as part of MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative. Creative Commons licensed.

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Nancy Rose, MIT

A detailed reading list, exams (with solutions) and assignments are archived on this site as part of MIT OpenCourseWare. The site is from a 2003 undergraduate course looking at industrial organisation from theoretical and applied perspectives.

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Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, George Mason University

Online course consisting of 41 Youtube videos (totalling about 4 hours), online self-tests and forum capabilities for asking questions. The course addresses the economics of media industries, media bias, regulation and other governmental actions, and how media related to economic development. Six of the video lectures are given by guest speakers, addressing topics including media bias, net neutrality, and the market for newspapers.

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Kevin Hinde, Northumbria University

Part of Kevin Hinde's website of economics teaching resources, this page contains a number of short self-assessment exercises here on "Information problems and regulation", "Introduction to industrial economics", "Game theory", "Production and costs", "Monopoly (a diagrammatic approach), and "Monopoly and Oligopoly (a mathematical approach)". JavaScript is used to give detailed feedback.

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Mark Bailey, University of Ulster at Jordanstown

Discussion questions and web links from a course of seminars are provided here to illustrate the teaching case study "Skill Development in Industrial Economics". Bailey introduced assessed small group discussion, both in-class and online, into his course, requiring written answers to these study questions.

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Glenn A Woroch, University of California, Berkeley

This economics lecturer provides reading material and handouts in formats such as jpg, PDF, and Excel. Also available are instructions for writing a long writing assignment. Class materials are archived from 1995 to 2001, and include problem sets and sample exams in various formats. This link is to's copy of the site, which has most but not all of the content.

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Bronwyn H Hall, University of California, Berkeley

This a web archived version of nine short pages with essay-style questions from this 1999 "Special Topics in Industrial Organization" course on Economics of Innovation and Technical Change as taught by Bronwyn H. Hall of University of California, Berkeley.

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