Assessment Materials in Principles of Macroeconomics

An open online textbook, divided into 38 chapters, drawn from various open educational sources including MIT Open CouseWare and Wikipedia, and curated by "subject matter experts, like professors, PhDs and Master’s students." One section deals with controversies in economics (with a US focus), such as "should the Government maintain a balanced budget?" Readers with a free login can highlight parts of the text, add notes, or access quizzes or flashcards. The site's FAQ says that paid-for services will be introduced on top of the free access and tools that are already offered.

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This archive uses presents feedback on multi-choice questions on 40 different topics, with varying numbers of questions in each. Many of the questions involve clickable images, with students using mouse clicks to indicate equilibria. Topics include: markets, firms, wages, national income, money, unemployment and inflation, government, and international.

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Advanced Placement Program

The AP program is a college-level one-semester course and exam for US high school students in macroeconomics. This page free-response exams for each year from 2001 onwards, with scoring guidelines available from 2004 onwards. All files are presented as PDF downloads.

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Charles I Jones, University of California, Berkeley

This web page supports a course on Macroeconomic Theory as taught by Charles I. Jones of University of California, Berkeley in 2004. It contains links to problem sets in PDF, links to related websites, an overview of the course and an old exam. This link goes to the's copy of the site.

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Roger Brinner, MIT

A large number of problem sets, quizzes and exams, from 1997-2002, are held here in a mix of PDF and HTML formats, often with solutions in separate documents. They cover the Principles of macroeconomics courses as taught at MIT.

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Geoffrey Woglom, Amherst College

The files here are 16 short, explanatory essays to accompany Mankiw's Macroeconomics textbook. Readings include "Some simple math facts", "Two versions of Okun's law", "Theories of debt burden", and "The slope of the LM curve and automatic stabilization". Past exams from Woglom's course are also here. This link is to's copy of the Spring 2000 site.

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Alfred L Norman, University of Texas

This site combines text, images and online quizzes into a survey of the classical and neoclassical paradigms of macroeconomics. It contains a number of interactive quizzes and simulations, as well as, some short text articles on a range of topics.

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Rudiger Dornbusch
Twenty interactive online 10-question multiple-choice tests - one for each chapter of the eighth edition of the textbook by Dornbusch, Fischer, Startz's on Macroeconomics.
Roger Brinner, MIT
Each of these problem sets comes with answers in a separate file. They use true/false questions along with more detailed numerical and data analysis questions. The archive covers 1997 to 2002 and support a course on the principles of macroeconomics as taught at MIT.

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