Case Studies in Principles of Macroeconomics

Guardian newspaper

This section of the Guardian newspaper gives useful updates on the so-called credit crunch and the current economic situation, mainly in the UK but with some international coverage.  There are analyses of how the problems began, updates, videos and  business podcasts.  It could be useful for engaging undergraduate students or providing case studies for teaching.

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Archived on this page are links to particular PBS NOW stories relating to economics. The links take to story pages that often include further links to video, transcripts, data and side stories. The archives go from 2002 to the present.

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Addison Wesley

ECON100 offers various resources to support a number of text books authored or co-authored by Michael Parkin. Included are lecture notes (in PowerPoint, HTML or RTF), online quizzes, and news analysis.

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Unraveling what happened that summer of 1998, 'The Crash' examines the underlying dynamics of a global economy that has created this new era of risk and instability. And it draws on the expertise of William Greider, George Soros, Jeffrey Sachs, and other leading financial analysts and policy makers who debate whether--or when--the crash of 1998 will be repeated. This site, a companion to  a special 'Frontline' television programme, uses text reports, interviews and a video segment.

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Jodi Beggs, Northeastern University

A selection of news articles chosen by Beggs for illustrating basic economic concepts in the classroom. These are organised by publication date and tagged with the relevant concepts and with Beggs' one-line summary. Some entries link to Beggs' own blog posts about the articles.

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Study skills for Economics students

Our site Studying Economics has tips including writing and referencing, revision, and help with maths.

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