Curricula and Syllabi in Economic History

Anne McCants, MIT

Part of the MITOpenCourseWare site, this course page details an undergraduate course in medieval economic history as taught in spring 2006 by Anne McCants. The course covers "the conditions of material life and the changing social and economic relations in medieval Europe with reference to the comparative context of contemporary Islamic, Chinese, and central Asian experiences". The website includes details of course readings, lecture handouts, syllabi from various years, assignment details and links to related Internet resources.

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Suzanne Berger, MIT

Syllabus, reading list, assignments from a 2003 course that examines the "role of European states in postwar period of rapid economic growth and current crisis."

The materials are available in Traditional Chinese as well as in English.

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Peter Temin, MIT

Reading list, syllabus and some problem sets (without solutions) from a 2009 undergraduate course giving "a historical perspective on financial panics. Topics include the growth of the industrial world, the Great Depression and surrounding events, and more recent topics such as the first oil crisis, Japanese stagnation, and conditions following the financial crisis of 2008."

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Andrew Seltzer, Royal Holloway, University of London

This course overview covers Topics in economic history as taught in the 2009-2010 academic year by Prof. Andrew Seltzer of Royal Holloway, University of London. It covers subjects such as measuring living standards, economic growth, migration and the Great Depression. It provides brief details on the make-up of the course, as well as details of readings for specific topics. The file is no longer public, so this link goes to the Web Archive's copy.

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R.E. Bailey, University of Essex, W.P. Kennedy, University of Essex

This course webpage supports a module on the World Economy in Historical Perspective as taught by R.E. Bailey and W.P. Kennedy at the University of Essex in 2009/10. It includes a reading list / course outline, assignments / essay topics, lecture presentations / notes and past exam papers.

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Chris Colvin, Queen's University Belfast

PDF handout from a 2014-2015 course with detailed reading recommendations and links for 12 lecture topics.

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