Curricula and Syllabi in Economic Theory

University of Oslo. Department of Economics

This is the website for a course on behavioural economics as taught as an advanced course at masters level by the University of Oslo since 2006. It includes details of the syllabus / reading list, assessment methods, lecture handouts and economic problems to be discussed in the seminars. Specific topics covered by the course include behavioral decision theory, time inconsistency and self-control, social preferences and fairness.

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Shachar Kariv, University of California, Berkeley

This course web page includes a syllabus and lecture notes in .pdf. From a course on Game Theory as taught by Shachar Kariv of University of California, Berkeley in Autumn 2012.

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Geir B. Asheim, University of Oslo

Syllabus, lecture handouts and problem sets are archived on this course site which dates from Autumn 2009.

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