Curricula and Syllabi in International Economics

Diana Strassmann, Rice University

Course page from a Fall 2013 assignment which allocated students to improve and review Wikipedia articles, including "Food security", "Illegal drug trade" and "Socioeconomic impact of female education". The page sets out the activities the students were required to do during the course, including proposing a change, making change on Wikipedia and reviewing each other's contributions. The course was supported by Wikipedia volunteers and campus Wikipedians. A table at the foot of the page lists the affected articles.

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Guido Lorenzoni, MIT

Dating from Fall 2005, this course site has been archived under a Creative Commons licence as part of MIT Open CourseWare. It includes five problem sets, three past exams, a detailed reading list and course description. The course aims to cover "the basic tools and some topics of current interest" in international trade and finance.

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Steven M Suranovic, George Washington University

International trade theory and policy analysis is an online textbook by Steven M. Suranovic. It comes with short-answer questions and quizzes. Links from this page go to the table of contents, a course syllabus, problem sets and an Information for Instructors page in which Suranovic argues for the use of this site as a course textbook.

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Wei-Choun Yu, Winona State University

This is a support website for the teaching of Wei-Choun Yu, Assistant Professor of Economics at Winona State University. It contains teaching materials for Macroeconomics, International Economics and Forecasting Methods. The individual course pages include syllabi, assignments, lecture slides and other materials. Each course page also includes brief links to external Internet sites.

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Olivier Jeanne, Johns Hopkins University

This course page supports a course on international monetary economics as taught by Olivier Jeanne at Johns Hopkins University in 2010. It presents theory and applies it towards gaining an understanding of recent events and current policy issues. The theory presented in this course covers a broad range of topics including exchange rate determination, monetary and fiscal policy in an open economy (that is, and economy that trades goods and assets with the rest of the world), balance of payments crises, the choice of exchange rate systems, and international debt. These theoretical frameworks enable the discussion of topics such as the current global financial crisis, global financial imbalances, the Chinese exchange rate regime, and proposed changes in the international financial architecture. It includes a course syllabus, lectures notes / slides and exam papers. The site is no longer online, so the link is to the Web Archive's copy.

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Wei-Choun Yu, Winona State University
This is the syllabus for a course on Asian Economies in Transition as taught by Wei-Choun Yu at Winona State University in Fall 2008. It provides an overview of the course objectives, structure, grading and associated readings. It covers topics such as globalization, international trade, financial markets and business markets, with an emphasis on the Japanese and Chinese economies. It is presented as a PDF file.
Pranab Bardhan, University of California, Berkeley
This syllabus in .pdf has a list of readings relevant to a graduate course in International Economics as taught by Pranab Bardhan at Berkeley in 2004.

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