Curricula and Syllabi in Managerial and Business Economics

Kate Rockett, University of Essex, Tim Hatton, University of Essex

This course webpage supports an introductory module on economics for business as taught by Kate Rockett and Tim Hatton at the University of Essex in 2009/10. It provides an introductory overview of modern economics, including examples in microeconomics that have a bearing on the world of business, i.e., the organisation of firms, the economic implications of their objectives, and the markets in which they operate. It includes a module outline / handbook, lecture presentations, class exercises with solutions, coursework assignments and revision problems.

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Todd Easton, University of Portland

This course page supports an MBA course at the University of Portland, as taught by Todd Easton in 2008. It covers Statistical and Quantitative Analysis and presents tools for descriptive statistics and details their effective use. The page features a range of course materials - syllabus, past exams, Java applets etc. but perhaps most importantly it includes a booklet on Excel skills, with accompanying data.

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Stephen Kinsella, University of Limerick
This is the module outline for a course on Economics and Business as taught by Stephen Kinsella at the University of Limerick in 2008/9. It includes strategic behaviour and market failure, real life situations in which the market does not deliver optimal outcomes, major sources of market failure, the existence of Externalities and Public Goods, the consumer and the producer, the study of growth and development, the Solow and Romer growth models, the equilibrium business cycle model, hyperinflation and public finance.

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