Glossaries of Economic Terms in Financial Economics

International Finance and Commodities Institute

Key risk concepts is a series of thirteen essays explaining concepts associated with risk, linked to a glossary. This resource is structured around three main themes: "Sources of Risk", "Public Policy Objectives" and "Risk Mitigation". Most of the essays were last updated in the year 2000. It is produced by the International Finance and Commodities Institute of Switzerland.

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SFB 504

Sonderforschungsbereich 504 is an interdisciplinary research group combining economists with social psychologists. This glossary provides well-written short articles in English on the basic concepts of economics and econometrics, as well as the psychology of decision making and social judgement. Covers most of the 'heuristics and biases' causing deviations from rational choice, e.g. availability, representativeness, risk aversion, anchoring-and-adjustment. Also covers behavioural finance, game theory, experimental economics, auction theory; and applications to life-cycle savings decisions. Essays are cross-referenced to entries in the site's bibliography.

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