Simulations in Principles of Macroeconomics

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The focus of this interactive site is the comparison between GDP and welfare. It allows the user to select and balance several factors to produce a customised indicator. Java is used to plot a graph of this indicator over the second half of the twentieth century, with a plot of GDP for comparison. This page is part of the "measuring progress" section of the site, which has some background material and illustrative examples.

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Biz/ed, IFS

This is a detailed model of the UK Economy, based on the H.M. Treasury model, which puts you in the position of Chancellor, showing you the macro- and microeconomic consequences of your budgets. It is part of the Biz/ed site and was produced in collaboration with the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Users can choose to alter a limited number of variables, or the full set. The site also offers background material on macroeconomic theory.

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Nobel Foundation

Trade is a Flash game for those over 14 years of age that is designed to illustrate the theories of Bertil Ohlin. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1977 and showed that countries engage in and benefit from trade if their production resources differ from each other. The site includes a brief introduction to the game, the theories it seeks to explain and details the technical requirements to play it.

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Moblab, Inc.

A set of configurable, graphically appealing, online interactive games that work across laptops, iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Instructors can customise the games, or use default settings, and students join by entering a class code. The instructor gets a graphical analysis of outcomes immediately at the end of the session, for use in class discussion. The site has course guides that suggest how to sequence the games in different Economics courses, and each game has references to relevant papers. The site's apps can also be used to administer individual survey or assessment questions online.

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Geraint Johnes, Lancaster University

This was created to support an introductory economics course. The user has control of nine exogenous variables and the model immediately forecasts unemployment, inflation and growth for the current year and two subsequent years. The model is based on a current year of 1998

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Greg Mankiw
Worth Publishers' companion site to Mankiw's textbook hosts several interactive features using Shockwave. One of them is this online game in which the student takes the role of American president, setting tax rates government spending levels and viewing the effects on a variety of indicators.

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