Software in Experimental Economics

Masaru Uzawa, Otaru University of Commerce
This page includes some related Internet links and a suite of downloadable programs, covering the following topics: CAL in Economics Programs for Windows95/98, Looking at the Cournot Equilibrium by using MATHEMATICA 3.0 and Payoffs-matrix for Two firms model (Cournot model). They have been produced by Masaru Uzawa, of the Otaru University of Commerce.
A pair of programs which enable an instructor to set up a game in strategic form and have it played by students over a network. The protocols for matching players and for stopping can be chosen by the instructor. They are suitable for use in high school and college courses, research laboratories for experimental economists and psychologists, as well as within strategic consulting groups. The software is highly portable, so that experiments can be designed and played from remotely located laptops, and the modules make minimal computer literacy demands on users.
Urs Fischbacher, University of Zurich

zTree (Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments) allows the creation and running of economic experiments over a network, without any programming knowledge. Features include data saving, time display, profit calculation and tools for screen layout. A number of games and auctions are available for free download. It can be used for a wide range of possible experiments such as public good experiments, structured bargaining experiments or markets - including double auctions and Dutch auctions. Users need to sign a license agreement to use the software.

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