Video and Audio Lectures in Economic Thought and Critiques of Economic Theories or Schools

Juliet Schor, Boston College

A 26-minute lecture at the Occupy Harvard Teach-in in December 2011. Prof Schor discusses "the corruption of the Economics profession by corporate interests". The video is available on YouTube under a Creative Commons Attribution licence that allows remixing.

Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)
Bob Marks, Australian Graduate School of Management

Professor Joan Robinson (1903-1983) was a guest professor at Stanford University in May 1974. Robinson was a member of Keynes inner circle as he wrote the General Theory, and later became a strident critic of textbook economics. This webpage features partial recordings of her guest lectures amounting to over 3 hours of mp3 audio files. Topics covered: What is Wrong with Neoclassical Economics?, Traditional Economics is Inappropriate for Developing Economics, Socialist Economies and Consumer Sovereignty.

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