Video and Audio Lectures in Environmental and Transport Economics

Peter Berck, University of California, Berkeley

YouTube playlist with 23 full-length lectures (as slides plus audio), covering most of the lectures from this course, although with very little additional information.

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David Zetland, UC Berkeley

Twenty-eight hour-long lectures on YouTube. "Covers the basic microeconomic tools for further study of natural resource problems. Theory of consumption, production, theory of the firm, industrial organization, general equilibrium, public goods and externalities. Applications to agriculture and natural resources."

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Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

This is a video of Nicholas Stern, author of the Stern Review into the economic of climate change speaking at Princeton University. The Stern Review was commissioned by HM Treasury in 2005 and was widely regarded as a comprehensive examination of the impact of climate change on economic policy.

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Bill Adams, University of Cambridge; Tony Juniper; Monty Don

Fifteen minute interview in audio (streaming or downloadable) or text transcript, in which an academic and an environmental campaigner discuss whether and how nature has economic value. This is an extended version of an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 4's "Shared Planet". 

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