Video and Audio Lectures in Public-sector Economics and Public Choice Theory

Nirupama Rao, New York University

Fourteen video lectures from a course based on Jonathan Gruber's Public Finance and Public Policy, 3rd edition. "This course requires a working knowledge of certain prerequisite courses, namely Statistics, Microeconomics, and Financial Management."

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University of Oxford

Eight lectures from a 2009 symposium on the centenary of Lloyd George's reforming UK budget, available as audio, downloadable video, or a YouTube playlist. The talks range from 13 to 30 minutes long and are mostly around quarter of an hour. Topics include "Current Issues in the Taxation of Land and Income", "The Free Trade versus Protectionism Debate", and "Paying for Social Protection", amongst others.

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Robert Reich, University of California at Berkeley

Reich, the former US Secretary of Labor, speaks at the Chicago Humanities Festival in November 2009. This 46 minute video combines commentary on the ongoing economic crisis with humour.

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