Worksheets and Projects in Principles of Microeconomics

Frank Forsythe, University of Ulster

These are the outputs of a mini-project funded by the Economics Network, in which the first-year students at Ulster were given a minimum of lectures, with most teaching time given to Problem-Based Learning. Seven worksheets for PBL tasks are archived on this page, along with a guide sheet for teaching assistants on how to run a PBL meeting and an advice handout to students on How To Keep a Personal Development Report. The final report from the project is also available. The course was based on the Begg textbook, to which the worksheets refer.

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Vindelyn Smith-Hillman, University of Northampton

These three sets of worksheets were produced by an Economics Network mini-project. Each consists of a three documents in .doc format. A four-side student handout includes the case study and questions. The other documents are a sheet of answer guidelines and a four-side teaching guide. The topics are "Supermarkets under scrutiny", "Argos/Littlewoods Price fixing Agreement" and "Football shirts: A case of Unfair Competition" Permission is given for unrestricted educational use and alteration.

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Carnegie Mellon University

This is an online economics course produced by Carnegie Mellon University, which provides access to online course workbooks used in the full semester course on economics. This open and free version of the online workbooks does not include access to the virtual online experiments, end-of-module graded exams or to the course instructor. There are seven experiments and related workbooks on topics such as, supply and demand, monopoly and cartels and network externalities.

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James Murphy, University of Alaska Anchorage

Collection of resources on using experiments in economics teaching, produced by Jim Murphy of the University of Alaska, Anchorage. It includes "An experiment on enforcement strategies for managing a local environmental resource" and "Materials for a hand-run double auction" produced by Murphy, with links to all the materials needed to run the experiments. Also features links to other classroom experiments from other university teachers.

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Sarah Stafford, College of William and Mary

A collection of classroom games, experiments, and demonstrations produced by Sarah Stafford of the College of William and Mary. Topics covered include: Enforcement game, Permit trading game, Market entry games, Equity vs. efficiency demonstration, Network externalities and Price discrimination. All titles include instructions for tutors / participants and recording sheets for students.

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