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Developments in Economics Education Conference 2021

DEE Extended Abstracts & Slides

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Thursday 2 September, 9am BST

Room 1, Marking and feedback

Room 2, Diverse students and curricula

Room 3, Employability

Thursday 2 September, 10.10am BST

Room 1, Workshop: R-markdown for interactive learning

Room 2, Workshop: Flipping

Thursday 2 September, 11.30am BST

Room 1, Online teaching

Room 2, Teaching technical subjects

Room 3, Financial literacy & socio-economic influences

Thursday 2 September, 2.10pm BST

Room 1, Workshop: Experiments

Room 2, Workshop: Simulations

Thursday 2 September, 3pm BST

Room 1, Student engagement

Room 2, Co-creation & collective learning

Room 3, Assessment & inclusion

Friday 3 September, 9.10am BST

Room 1, Teaching with games

Room 2, Student performance & engagement

Room 3, Teaching online

Friday 3 September, 11.10am BST

Room 1, Workshop: Teaching with data

Room 2, Economics education during the pandemic

Friday 3 September, 12.00pm BST

Room 1, NSS & perceptions of economics education

Room 2, IREE Best paper presentation

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in teaching economics at HE level (whether to economics or other students), especially:

- Lecturers in higher and further education
- Graduate teaching assistants
- Library and information staff
- Teaching support staff
- Staff developers

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