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Developments in Economics Education Conference 2021

DEE 2021 Extended Abstracts & Slides

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Assessment and feedback

Specialisation or total excellence: a study of of the UK and Continental Europe marking scales

Presentation by Piotr Jaworski

Assessment and inclusion

Negative marking, guessing and academic performance

Presentation by Stefania Simion, Ghazala Azmat, Maia Guell

Do we have the right metrics to assess the ethnicity gaps in education?

Presentation by Gabriella Cagliesi, Denise Hawkes

Who addresses diversity, inclusion, and gender issues in undergraduate introductory economics in 2020?

Presentation by Cynthia Harter, Carlos Asarta, Rebecca Chambers

Classroom practice and student engagement

Which learning resources do students perceive as most valuable and does usage contribute to student module success

Presentation by Caroline Elliott, Lory Barile, Michael McCann

Student engagement with online learning

Presentation by Mike Reynolds

The CORE pedagogy: is there a difference in student performance and engagement?

Presentation by Martha Anyango Omolo

Exploring student study habits in a large, online, macroeconomics module in order to design effective interventions

Presentation by Tad Gwiazdowski

IREE best paper presentation: The economics instructor's toolbox

Presentation by Julien Picault

Co-creation and collective learning

The long-term behavioural implications of co-creation in economics education

Presentation by Mario Pezzino, Karol Tolpa

Goal setting and implementation intentions to improve educational outcomes

Presentation by Paul Cowell

Public feedback for collective learning

Presentation by Isleide Zissimos

Communicating economics

The end of the news?

Keynote by Dame Frances Cairncross

Curriculum and content

Embedding coding and project management skills into the economics curriculum - reflections from a Python for Economics course

Presentation by Dimitra Petropoulou, Antonio Mele, Rahat Siddique

What’s wrong with how we teach (and then practice) econometrics? What can we do about it?

Presentation by Mark Schaffer, Arnab Bhattacharjee

Diverse students and curricula

Breaking down the language barrier: using pop culture from across the globe to teach microeconomics

Presentation by Wayne Geerling and Jadrian Wooten

Pluralism in teaching economics to post-graduate students: emancipation vs. “business as usual”

Presentation by Kuat Akizhanov

Educational resources

Interactive Learning with R-Markdown and R-Shiny Apps: Statistics for Economics and Business

Workshop by Pascal Stiefenhofer

Employability and entrepreneurship

Work placement and graduate employment: new insights

Presentation by Panagiotis Arsenis, Miguel Flores

The value of virtual internships as authentic assessment in developing the future generation of economists

Presentation by Sara Gorgoni, Katherine Leopold


Analysing the determinants of student satisfaction in the NSS

Presentation by Steven Proud, Guglielmo Volpe

Experiments, games and role-play

Experiencing economics: Using experiments in teaching economics

Workshop by Humberto Llavador

Lego serious play for economics lessons

Presentation by Prashan Karunaratne

Mental wellbeing of first-year economics students: The effect of a game-based orientation day

Presentation by Lize Vanderstraeten, Evelien Opdecam, Patricia Everaert

The use of robotic players in online games

Presentation by Matthew Olczak, Jon Guest, Robert Riegler

Financial literacy

Acquiring actionable student feedback in real time through graded questionnaires

Presentation by Tobias Amadeus Brevik

On the effectiveness of behavioural-based course materials to improve financial literacy and reduce the myopic bias in insurance and investment decisions

Presentation by Francisco Pitthan, Kristof De Witte

A critical review of the socio/economic influences on attendance patterns within a H4 economics cohort

Presentation by Chris Carbery

Flipped classroom

‘Catch you on the flip side’: Translating online learning into hybrid delivery

Workshop by Paul Cowell

HE sector

Attitudes towards Economic Education in Saudi Arabia

Presentation by Sarah Najm

Online and distance learning

The effect of online education on the academic performance of students during COVID-19 pandemic

Presentation by Saule Kemelbayeva, Arman Yelesh

Studying without distractions? The effect of a digital blackout on academic performance

Presentation by Francesca Garbin (Bocconi University)

To block or not to block: Does teaching delivery method affect students’ performance and learning experience?

Presentation by Erkal Ersoy, Morteza Haghighat

Online lecture recordings during the Covid pandemic

Presentation by Marion Prat, Edmund Cannon (University of Bristol)

What do business students value in the emerging virtualisation of learning and teaching that is accelerated by COVID-19? A pilot

Presentation by Lu Liu, Victoria Opara, Inna Pomorina, Anna Walker

‘I have been kicked out of the class!’ COVID-19 move to webinars in higher education: a process evaluation

Presentation by Rabeya Khatoon, Steven Proud

Intimate, intimidating or interminable? Lecture chat culture versus live Q&A

Presentation by Annika Johnson, Danielle Guizzo, Christian Spielmann


Storytelling with simulations: Interactive ideas for teaching economic models

Workshop by Eileen Tipoe

Teaching during COVID

Economics Education in the Covid-19 Pandemic: what was done and what should be done?

Workshop by Fabio Arico, Paul Latreille, Adam Cox, Paul Cowell

Teaching with data

Teaching using ‘Measuring the Economy’

Workshop by Georgia Tasker-Davies, Sumit Dey Chowdhury

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in teaching economics at HE level (whether to economics or other students), especially:

- Lecturers in higher and further education
- Graduate teaching assistants
- Library and information staff
- Teaching support staff
- Staff developers

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