IREE, Volume 10 Issue 2

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Time Allocations and Reward Structures for US Academic Economists from 1955–2005: Evidence from Three National Surveys
Cynthia L. Harter, William E. Becker and Michael Watts

More Evidence on the Use of Constructed-Response Questions in Principles of Economics Classes
Stephen Hickson and Bob Reed

Does Pluralism in Economics Education Make Better Educated, Happier Students? A Qualitative Analysis
Andrew Mearman, Tim Wakeley, Gamila Shoib and Don Webber

Schumpeter’s ‘Vision’ and the Teaching of Principles of Economics to Resource Students
Paul Dalziel

An Integrated Approach to Teaching Price Discrimination
Ann Marsden and Hugh Sibly

Liquidity Trap in an Inflation-Targeting Framework: A Graphical Analysis
Pavel Kapinos

Book reviews

Teaching Innovations in Economics: Strategies and Innovations for Interactive Instruction (Edited by Michael K. Salemi and William B. Walstad)
Charles A. Stull

Famous Figures and Diagrams in Economics (Edited by Mark Blaug and Peter Lloyd)
Patricia Hughes


A supplement including e-learning related articles is in preparation

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