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Statistics on University Economics

This page includes a range of data on numbers studying economics at school and university. It was last updated February 2011.

The Economics Network Employability Survey 2006 (PDF link) has information on what employers value in Economics graduates.

A-level grades. These charts show the percentage of students receiving each of the grades A to U in Economics A-level compared to Business Studies and other compared to all subjects in 2010.

Numbers of students taking A-level This chart shows the number of candidates taking both Economics, Business Studies and Maths A-levels in each of the years from 1992 to 2009.

Total acceptances for Single Economics UK undergraduate degrees This chart shows the number of acceptances for economics named degrees by UK applicant, other EU applicant and non-EU applicant.

Total acceptances for UK undergraduate degrees, 2010 This chart shows the number, and annual change, in acceptances for Economics and for all subjects in 2010.

Female acceptances as % of all acceptances for Single Economics UK undergraduate degrees

Total Students Studying Economics Degrees (single, joint and combined) by full-time equivalent student Undergraduates and Postgraduates as full-time equivalents, showing also the number of Economics students as a percentage of all students 1996-2004.

Earnings premia over 2 A-levels by degree subject, 1994-2006 This chart shows the average percentage premium that graduates earned over those without a degree but with two or more A-levels. The premium is shown subject by subject as an average for the years 1994 to 2006. Economics is shown as having the highest premium of the subjects listed for both women and men.

A PowerPoint file of all the above charts is available for printing.