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Congratulations to the organizers. I will participate and hope that many others will take part also.

Yes, I agree. This is a great help to each and every school. Heterodox economics is an excellent move to gain more knowledge.

As a former director af an economic education program, I want to commend you for developing this vital enterprise. I cannot fully express my gratitude for your initiative.

Bill Luker

Dear Bill and Haider
Thanks for the comments. Haider, please send me ( your email address for a login to enable you to participate.

There is a growing need for greater appreciation in education for the pluralism of ideas in economics. Furthermore, the subject is continually becoming more complex with its many "branches," and it is important for anyone to gain easier access to authorative, and obscure areas of economic data via the internet, and living experts. This is essential for society, and ofcourse, academia.

One gripe one has is that radical monetary reforms, and radical monetary concepts are ignored by the mainstream, and ofcourse by universities in the main. This is wrong, and greater open-mindedness is required.

I, myself, am involved in developing a project known as Transfinancial Economics. It is essentially a very advanced kind of monetary reform...

Bravo for this intiative.
Economic thought as its teaching needs more open approaches, especially non-sectarian and more objective.
I hope this project will create a new breath.

Faruk and Robert - thanks for the comments.

Congratulations to the organizers, these materials are helpful. I'll translate some of them since I'm from Ecuador and we speak spanish. Long life to TRUE project!

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Welcome to Heterodox Economics education! Our aims are:

  • To encourage and support pluralism in the teaching and learning of economics in UK universities.
  • To encourage and support the teaching and learning of heterodox economics in UK universities.
  • To create a community of pluralist economics teachers willing to share ideas, resources and expertise in economics teaching.
  • To promote alternative economic paradigms to potential students.

Heterodox Economics Education is led by Dr Andy Denis (, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at City University London.

This page, and the pages linked from it via the navigation bar on the left, are part of the TRUE project, aiming to make teaching resources in economics freely available online.

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If you teach a module with any heterodox or pluralistic content, please contribute your teaching materials - syllabus, reading list, lecture notes and PowerPoints, handouts and exam papers, etc. - by uploading them to one of the pages you can see linked to on the navigation bar.

For the other 13 specialist areas, the emphasis is on second and third year options, as it was felt by project leaders that core micro, macro and quants at all levels are relatively well provided for by textbooks and open content through the web, but there was much less open availability of resources in specialist areas. This, however, does not apply to heterodox and pluralistic teaching, where there is a need for resources in core and first year modules quite as much as in optional modules taken in the second and third years of the undergraduate programme.

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